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Dale Ruska

Dale Ruska was born in 1967. He was raised by his Great Grandparents, mother, and family within a kinship structure. Dale has lived the majority of his life on Terrangeri (North Stradbroke Island) between Moopi Moopi Pa (One Mile) and Goompi (Dunwich). He spent part of his life at Inala and other Brisbane suburbs during primary and secondary schooling.

Dale commenced a carpentry apprenticeship in 1984 and completed it in 1988 while also living around Brisbane. Dale returned to Terrangeri in 1988, where he married and raised his three children and has lived ever since. Dale set up Koenpul Woodworks as his business in 1990, producing Aboriginal arts, crafts, furniture and turned wooden bowls (which was self-taught).

Dale has had lots of involvement with the community, including being on the following organisations and committees:

  • North Stradbroke Island Aboriginal and Islanders Housing Co-op
  • Quandamooka Tribal and Lands Council
  • One Mile Aboriginal Corporation (current chairperson)
  • Quandamooka Claim coordinator and chairperson (before resigning in 2003)
  • Quandamooka community development program coordinator
  • Dunwich Primary School council
  • Aboriginal Provisional Government
  • Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders-in-Council committee member
  • Social and Youth Justice Group chairperson

Dale played a leading role for over 30 years, campaigning and protesting to end sand mining and trying to prevent other major industry and government objectives to date from destroying his tribal heritage and lands.

Dale was raised by his ancestors to respect and accept the value, obligations and responsibilities of his being and meaning as a Goenpul Jandawal First Nations Sovereign Goori. Dale is a firm believer and is committed to the needs and understanding of proper justice for the original first nations peoples.

Dale has also established Goenpul Woodworks, Quandamooka Goenpul Gudja Native Bees and Terrangeri Goenpul Goori tours as family businesses.

On these tours, Dale will provide you with a unique perspective of the Island’s history and culture.